Friday, November 2, 2012

Saints & Children - For Now

Look what just showed up on youtube. How wonderful! This was HOLIDAY 0040 from the old days of our free singles club. 

I've always loved this song - all those synthesized shooting stars and woodland creatures howling through the willows. Perfect for this time of year.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fran├žoise Hardy, All Over The World

Caleb just sent this to me. It's really pretty, and seems so appropriate right now.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Wake

One of our all time favorite bands and dear friends, The Wake, have recently sent up their own sound cloud page. It's full of great rarities/b-sides/live recordings. Including a song I recorded some synthesizer parts for: Faintness (vocal).

The Sun is a Star is really top notch! See for yourself:

- Jacob

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Geography was not my favorite subject in high school, but now that I know what's good for me I just love looking at maps. Maybe because it gives me some perspective, maybe because it makes me excited about the places I've been & the places I'm going, maybe it's just aesthetics.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Escape Time

"Escape the vanity of the time and all its trappings; yet, return to the present fully human, fully prepared."

That is the goal isn't it?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

People and Places

Did you like the movie Big Miracle? We sure did! Not surprisingly Drew Barrymore has once again delivered an Oscar worthy performance. If you'd like to learn more about ice and snow and different nations working together for the greater good watch this short educational film from the Walt Disney Company, People and Places: Men Against the Arctic.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


They take care of just about everything these days, except your spirit!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A wonderful picture by our friend!

I'm very new to this (posting on blogs that is) so I hope that you will please be patient.

The vinyls are currently in production. Both Two Wounded Birds and Travelogue's "Fireworks".

I'm very excited about both of these records because they both represent all of the energy and excitement we are all currently feeling. Two Wounded Birds have such a remarkable energy and you can really feel the passion in their music. I recently called them "the hardest working band in the UK". I've never been to the UK, but I still stand by that statement.

Travelogue's "Fireworks", like Holiday Friends, paints a very clear picture of how old familarity can be made into something extremly exciting. I grew up going to see fireworks shows every 4th of July, this album captures that spirit in the same way that Holiday captures the spirit of all our great memories.

Also, as I'm writing this my neighbors are setting off fireworks in their backyard. It's funny how some things just fall into place.

We are so excited to have you on this wonderful journey with us. Thank you for your patience.

With love,

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Golden Age

I can't believe it's finally happening, after all these years of hoping. Holiday Friends is finally a real record company, with real records (on the way!). Thanks to everyone from all over the world that has stuck with us this whole time, we are real because you believed in us!

I'd like to personally assure you the the albums we're releasing are true, complete albums. I mean the sort of albums one can grow old with. Albums one can listen to from start to finish over and over again. We can't afford to release anything less.

The Two Wounded Birds album is now available, and the whole world has taken notice. Prestigious publications have given it 4/5 (Q, The Fly), 8/10 (NME) and called it "the best album of the year" (Idol Magazine). There are plenty of places for you to hear bits of it online, so I'll let you draw your own conclusions about that.

The Fireworks album by Travelogue is being released digitally on the 4th of July and pre-orders for the vinyl will begin the same day. This record has been years in the making. It is the most majestic album I've ever heard. If you feel as though you're lacking a certain reverence for Independence day, this could be of some help to you. Each percussive sound was carefully, lovingly sampled from real fireworks then meticulously placed throughout each song. It's utterly stunning. Intricately programed analog synthesizers, glorious organ/string machines, bass guitars, harps, FIREWORKS! The 4th of July will never be the same.

The North of Cornwallis album, a perfect record, made over two decades ago and has never seen the light of day. It is a lost treasure in the history of pop music. Lester told me just a couple weeks ago that he thinks the remastering and everything will be completed this year. He has a lot of old tape to sort through. Keep your fingers crossed.

"Wasn't I Real before?" asked the little Rabbit.

I'd like to say a special thank you to Ed from Shelflife Records. He has been so helpful and encouraging to us throughout this whole process. Shelflife is the most wonderful big brother we could hope for.