Friday, November 2, 2012

Saints & Children - For Now

Look what just showed up on youtube. How wonderful! This was HOLIDAY 0040 from the old days of our free singles club. 

I've always loved this song - all those synthesized shooting stars and woodland creatures howling through the willows. Perfect for this time of year.


  1. Hi I have a quick question (I realize this is not the place for it but I couldn't seem to find an email address on the Holiday Records website?). I was wondering if you were still selling in either mp3 or CD form the Acorn Boys track Walking Under Trees?

    (I think I downloaded it from the site ages ago and unfortunately lost the file when I got a new laptop)

  2. Hi CCCBS,
    email me at and I'll send you those two tracks.

  3. After spending several hours of Google searching, I have finally found a long-lost favourite band. As a fan going back eight or nine years, it is wonderful to hear a 'new' song!

    Since another full-length Saints & Children release is unlikely ever to occur, I am especially grateful to hear this beautiful song. Thank you for reposting this!

  4. I wouldn't completely discount the possibility of another Saints & Children full-length. :)